Harvey Relief Recycling

***only available in 77008 and 77009 (for now)***

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the City of Houston has halted all recycling services in an effort to focus solely on debris removal. Hauling Glass has received many customer requests for full service recycling and we have partnered with the local commercial recycling company, Little Joy Recycling in order to make it happen! 

Little Joy Recycling has been serving Houston area businesses for 9 years and has extensive knowledge and experience with offering full service recycling. Hauling Glass did not want to offer full service recycling until we had complete faith in our and our partner's ability to safely, properly and with 100% assurance get your recyclables to a trusted and certified recycling facility. 

As this is a new endeavor and large undertaking for two small Houston businesses, we will be limiting the service area to our home turf, the Heights. Until we are able to realize the true potential and demand we will be limiting pickup to ensure that everyone who signs up gets the service that they deserve. Sign ups and service will be based on a first come first serve basis. 

How Does It Work?
On your first service date, place your green City of Houston recycling bin at your curb. We know everyone has continued to use their green bins so we will handle removing the recycling from the bin the first go around. Since we don't possess the machinery required to properly empty the green bins, after the first pickup we ask that you bag your recycled material up to make loading easier on our pickup crew. FYI ITR (the company that will be taking the recyclables) will recycle plastic bags. 

When does it start? 
If you sign up between 10/16 and 10/22,  your first pickup will occur on Monday, 10/23. After that your pickup will occur every other Monday. You will be emailed a reminder the night before every pickup.

How much does it cost? 
$45/month for biweekly pickup. We understand that is a little pricey and might not be for everyone. Because we have no machinery to help with pickups, it will take a lot of man hours. In addition to man hours, we will be paying a fee to have the material sorted before it is recycled. 

A couple things to remember for your pickup

After the first pickup, all recyclables must be bagged up. Any loose cardboard boxes must be broken down and stacked like in the photo above. 
What can I recycle? 
Glass, aluminum, cardboard, paper, plastics

I have more than one bin worth of recycling. Can you remove it all?
If you are in dire need of getting rid of more than one City of Houston bin's worth of recycling - send us a photo and Little Joy can give you an accurate quote for the cost of a one time pick up. 

Where is my recycling going?
Little Joy will deliver your recyclables to the ITR recycling facility where it will be sorted and shipped off to be made in to a new product. 

What happens when Houston resumes recycling?
Glass recycling plans will resume as normal. If the City of Houston begins pickup prior to your monthly membership being up, we will refund you the prorated amount, or credit it toward future glass pickups

What if I no longer need the service? 
You can cancel at any time, free of charge.